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What’s it like to be Cinderalla?

Posted in Boredom, Just Because, Random on October 19, 2009 by rantingkame

No I’m not talking about the prince or the fairy godmother, I’m talking about the stepmother. As you all probably know that new movie “The Stepfather” is comming out. Which is nice, I mean it’s always the evil stepmothers ( except for in “The Color Purple; in which the stepdad was evil). And they are real and alive today, but what is it like to be a child living under the roof of another parent, being told what to do be them; even if it is unfair and any sane person would know it. And what if they look through your stuff? I’m not saying all steparents are like this but some are and you need to know how to handle it before it turns into a ‘The Stepfather’ situation, got it! And you can’t come off as a little kid either, now that will just embrass you and give them the upper hand. Now why am I telling you this? So you don’t get hurt by it. Here are some tips if you want some.
1. Keep all the things that you want to keep private at your other parents house or somewhere that only you can find it.
2.Work it out so that you spend time with your parent one-on-one.
3. Try to talk to them (this might not always work but its worth a shot).
4. Be mature around your opposing steparent, don’t let them get the better of you
5. Talk to a conseler and get their oppion (but stick to the truth).
Well then later. =D


Is it possible to eat pasta with spoons?

Posted in Boredom, Contests, Just Because, Random on October 19, 2009 by rantingkame

So tonight my mom makes us pasta( shocker) and as we’re fixing our plates, she leaves with both forks. So I’m just ondering if it’s possible to eat pasta with nothing but spoons? Try it for yourself and let me know what you come up with.

Water Bottles

Posted in Random, rants on October 19, 2009 by rantingkame

I have this friend at school who has about 5 water bottles in her locker! And I’m just wondering, why? But every time I ask she tells me to shut up (and if your the friend who I’m talking about you know this is wrong! I mean have you ever heard of mold?) And why keep them there? Why not take them home and DRINK THEM! It is a huge waste of valuble water! If you have any comments on what I should do (besides my friend) type it in the comment box. Thanks for your support!

Red Ribbon Week?

Posted in Random, rants on October 19, 2009 by rantingkame

Okay so its red ribbon week at my school, so we have an assembly right? WHY DO WE NEED IT? WE CAN’T EVEN DRIVE YET! Anyway we watched a video about some kids who got into accidents AND THEIR PARENTS WERE SCOLDING THEM!?!?! Have they ever heard of respecting the dead? Oh, get this outside the school they have about 3 cars that were damaged during drunk driving, talk about feel good week. Anyway the moral of this rant is to:
1. Keep video short and to the point.
2. Respect the dead.
3. Stay in school, cause you might find out the your principal is evil.( But this is for another rant when I have more imformation to rant about).
Anyways, later peoples! =D

Love songs can get boring Swift!

Posted in Random, rants, Sorry :( on October 18, 2009 by rantingkame

A lot of people love Taylor Swift, right, she’s kind, charming, and pretty, but Taylor, you write too many love songs. Teardrops on my guitar, love story, white horse, you belong with me, if it’s not being in love; its losing love, gaining love or rejecting love. There are other topics to sing about Taylor! Again its not that I don’t like Taylor Swift it’s just that I want her to have a hit without it being about love in anyway, I mean her new album cover is fearless! Go be fearless Taylor! Stop waiting for YOUR white horse! Thank you and good night!

Disney Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Guess What????????, Random, rants on October 18, 2009 by rantingkame

Disney is so cruel to everyone. They had to go on and try and dub an anime. Do the have to ruin my life? Is it too much to ask that thet sick to princesses, and their mouse , who only appeared in like 3 movies. All I’m asking is for disney to stick to the stuff their good at. Til next time, Ja’ne nina.

Halloween is almost here

Posted in Halloween on October 18, 2009 by rantingkame

Hooray my favorite holiday is almost here. Time for laughs and time for fears. If you haven’t guessed yet I’m going as a modren day vampire. I’m also redoing my room in a more gothic style, again big suprise.

p.s. my friend and I are making a fan fiction on Tail of the Moon called, Bunny’s secret. If you don’t know what tail of the moon is its your loss.