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Here are some random words that I am going to explain to you.

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Again I know that my title sucks. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I am going to teach my new vocabulary.

*Motherattack- A mother attack is where you, the child, have done something horribly wrong and your mother has found out. It usually starts with the mother shouting your entire name, no matter how long or funny it may be. Next you might think to yourself ‘what will happen if I say I didn’t do it?’ Then she yells out what you have done wrong. You begin to remember. Then she starts off on sort of a speech rant. One that you have heard many times before. While she is yelling at you until you become deaf in both ears, you might begin to daydream. After the yelling is over she delivers punishment and you go to your room.

More vocab later on*



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Yesterday I watched Julia&Julie, the movie about two incredible stories and how they are connected. Lost in a sea of misery, and pulled out of it by. . . . . food? I cannot relate because of my lack of cooking talent. Last thanksgiving I made rock hard, break your teeth off peanut butter cookies. But enough about America’s newest threat. After watching the movie I thought about who do I see as my Julia Child? Is there someone out here who pulled me out of a jam? And guess what……… there is! And her name is Lisa Jane Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries and The Night World series. I remember the day I picked up one of her books and felt happy, or should I say over joyed while reading it. She wrote the story I had been waiting my whole life to read.

As Julie Powell said in the movie, “It’s nice to know that after a day where nothing goes right, you know that if you put eggs, chocolate, butter, and milk together, you know it will became gooey.” (Sorry if that is not what she really said; I forgot most of it). With me it’s more like comming home from a day of drama and knowing that in the end Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are in love. And also like Julie, Lisa and I have differences. For one, she loves rollar costers, and I hate them. Okay that was more of an opinion difference, but we were both saved by writing in same way.

Do Subsitutes Hate Me?????????

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Okay I know that there are people out there who are magnets to danger, bad boys, or just plain wrong ideas. I happened to be a subsitute (one in perticular) hater magnet. Yesterday I came into drama class to find a sub sitting at the teachers desk. She looked like cruela de vil gone cheetah. It was unreal! Then she get mad at the entire class for talking. We were supose to be working on a project, in a group none the less. What can you say? I’m sorry my mind reading powers aren’t working today? She even called the teacher to complain about how loud we were. Would it kill her to pick up a pen and write down a note? Apperently yes; because she called her TWICE! Then she was there again today. Like the grim reeper waiting for me to die. Luck was on my side because we had a quiz. After the quiz I forgot that we had to be working on our projects. Plus my group was already prepared. So I started to write in my journel. She walks up to my desk and snatches the journel out of my hands (giving me a papercut by the way) and reads it as if it was HER journal and I had stolen it. She read the entire thing!!!!!!! I had some private stuff in there! I don’t want anyone to see that! I might have understood IF she had taken it up to her desk and left it there UNREAD, but noooooooooooooooooo, she had to read it! I vent my anger into that journal so I won’t be bottling up all my feelings inside. I later rip it up and forget about it. I don’t want a sub reading that. Thank the lord I decided to blog about her instead of writing it down in the book, or there might have been some unwanted trouble. The fine line is blog about your evil subs. It will help you out so very much!

Til next rant,
rantingkame =D

I’m Going to be an Author …………………Hopefully

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I’m finally done with my first book. Yay me! I am hoping to get it published in the near future, along with several other stories. Mostly series of about three books. Look for me in stores this up coming year.

P.s. Don’t just sit on the floor of the store and read it. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much.

p.p.s. I shoul have a rant coming your way soon. Laters.