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School Rumble+RantingKame

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If you’re interested in seeing ALL the episodes of school rumble, then go to this link to go to my other blog:


School Rumble – After Today

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La Corda D’oro

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Girls’ Generation Oh!

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The Vampire Diaires Episode 16

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Episode 16,

I love the fact that the episode started off with the vampire leaving the tomb. I also liked the fact that we are now getting back to Isabelle (Elena’s birth mother), as well as Matt’s mom. Then we have Trudie (the friend of Isabelle’s mother), I have to say that the writers were smart with the fact that she watched as Elena crossed the threshold. And then there was the blury guy standing in the middle of the road after Elena left. And then he came in Trudie’s house and freaking KILLED her. But what stood out to me most was the fact that Trudie kept saying “I didn’t tell her anything, and, She doesn’t know“. And I didn’t forget about the sexy Damon being in the batculer contest (sorry about the spelling). And then the blury guy shows up again and tells Elena to stay away from Isabelle and Stefan says that the dude is being controlled. THEN THE FREAK GETS HIT BY A BUS!!!!! Also it was a teary moment when Damon found out that he killed Elena’s mother. And then we go back and forth between the flashbacks of Alric and Isabelle who we found out did not want kids and was or is obsessed with vampires. And then we find out that DAMON TURNED ISABELLE!!!!! Dear God I love these plot twists. And then Damon has to go and kill Alric. Why do they have to make him so evil? But the ring saved him. Yeahs! And in the end we see that the vampire who got out of the tomb found Pearl, Anne and a bunch of other vampires.

Can’t wait for the next one, but I’ll have to.



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IT’S BACK ON TONIGHT PEOPLES!!!!! The Vampire Diaries is back on and playing new episodes. Watch the new episode tonight then check out my blog at 8:00 and I should have a commentary up.

Preview of the episode:

Matt’s long lost mother returns. And Elena and Stefan are worried about Damon’s new additude.
(Hope it’s directed towards Elena :D)

See you at 8:00,

KagxSessh- Phantom of the Opera Nightwish version

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