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Post # 99

Posted in Poem on April 30, 2010 by rantingkame

You all know what that means right? The next one is my 100th post!!! So here is an original poem that I wrote to help you guys get to know Kame better. So here it is:

You Don’t Know Me

How dare you

How dare you think that you are my friend or family.

Who are you?

How dare you think I am sweet

that I wouldn’t harm a fly

You don’t know me.

Do you know my fears?

My fear of falling in love?

I do not fear being alone.

It would feel the same if I were with you.

But hey how could you know?

You don’t know me.

I am Yin and Yang

I am day and night.

I am sky

I am earth

I am water

I am fire.

I am (not going to say my real name).


Vampire Diaries-April 29th

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Yeahs this eppi started off with Stefan having a flash back. Basically it was about how both of the brothers tried to save Katerine and they end up getting shot and turning into Vampz. And then there was one more flashback where the brothers are by a lake (Ian shirtless)! And Damon telling Stefan about what ‘happened’ to Katherine. Then we get back to Anna/ Jeremy and she’s going through the hell of high school just to be with him. Plus lots and lots of blood jokes (you have to watch the episode). And Stefan is still being emo by in his little pity conner. GET OVER IT!!! WE ARE TIRED OF THIS CRAP!!! NO CUTE!!!And Isabelle is back. Great. Not. (I know this was not a good comeback just deal with it). So Damon and Alric bust into Isabelle’s house and find blood and get attack by a vampire named Henry. Then we go back to Stefan’s pity. Elena tries to find Stefan blood and HE attacks her like some freakazoid. What the heck dude? You do not attack your girlfriend who’s trying to keep you alive (undeadish alive). Hate you so much. Now back to Damon and Alric kicking Henry’s butt. YES!!! And more flashbacks. Stefan/ Damon’s dad tried to kill Stefan. Bad parenting. So HIs plan backfire and Stefan drinks his blood completing the transformation. Scary Stefan! Back again to Elena and pity party Stefan. She asks him if he wants to talk about his problems. Yeah we’re getting somewhere. But noooooooooooooooooooooooo he doesn’t want to talk. You’ve had 150 years man! How long do you need? Back to Pearl and Ana, Pearl wants to move and Pearl walks out on Anna. And finally a DamonxElena moment!!!! Thank God ! And we get to here Damon’s side of the story. (Flashback), Stefan’s a vampire, and he brings a girl to Damon to change him but Damon doesn’t want to because he is too sad over Katherine’s loss. Poor Damon-kun 😦 So Damon drinks and becomes….A VAMPIRE!!! Also … Stefan runs away. Don don dang man. So Anna decides to leave. Aww. And know Stefan is running around having random flashbacks until Elena finds him. And she trys to give him a friendship/love speach. We learn that Elena’s ‘parents’ were killed crossing Wickery Bridge because they had to pick her up from a party. But Stefan is still pitying hinself. One more time: GET OVER IT! So finally he dicides to continue fighting. Shocker there, being a main character and all. Back again with Pearl. She goes to the door and somebody stakes her. No I’m not kidding that’s really what happened. And then Stefan and Damon have a brother-to-brother talk. The nicest it will probably get. And we learn the real reason behide Damon’s anger. He was always jealous that Stefan had also been changed. So Pearl and Harper die and ISABELLE RETURNS!!!

Next time on The Vampire Diaries: Elena’s trampy mommy is back and making more drama than this show really needs.



Mew Berry Rant!

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Why does Mew Berry even exist? She DIDN’T DO ANYTHING !!! She didn’t even defeat her villian. THEY GAVE UP! Also she is a mix of a rabbit AND a cat!!! What’s the point. And they wonder why this was never made into an anime. Another thing, Berry did not ONCE defeat a villian on her own. And yet she’s supposed to be the leader! Examples:

1. The guy that came into her school disgused as a teacher, Berry got captured and the other mews had to save her sorry butt.

2. The villian that was like some evil little drummer boy (I don’t know the names), Berry could not for the life of her defeat him alone so Ichigo had to change into her cat form and help her.

Read this manga at your own risk.


Mew Berry


And just for fun: RINGO! The mew only found on the video game

Here Are Three of The Greatest Anime Openings (That Do Not Belong To Inuyasha)

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Here’s What I Want To Know

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Here’s what I want to know… how did this:

turn to this:

just by becoming an english dub?


I Found It!

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Does anyone remember Kiki’s Delivery Service? It was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. Even though I only saw it about three times :). Anyways I found the trailer so here it is. She’s just too cute :)!!!

Out For Revenge Part 2

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Still mad at Justin so here’s the second part of my revenge:

Take that Justin!!!

Til Next Revenge,