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Diary of A Madman

Posted in Poem on May 29, 2010 by rantingkame

The sun and the moon revolve
My mind becomes a mad house
It’s too dangerous to stay
Can’t escape this internal prison
It becones my to play
This evil I can’t hide
Running is not going to work
When your enemy is inside
And though you refuse to believe it
You turn your back on the truth
This villian that lies within
Will consume you
I never wanted this
This is not what I sought
Everyone around me is staring
They are against me
Enemies everywhere
No one I can trust
feelings of love turn to lust
I care for nothing
Obsession is now my game
I am not in control
It feels like I’m posessed
These thoughts are not mine
Cries of help that cannot be heard
A thousand voices screaming
But I only here one word
But it never gets out
It’s not my fault
This body
This mind
They won’t obey
I never wanted it to end this way
Salvation seems buried
Jut give into desire
The pain will subside
The consequences can wait
Till that day comes

I am a madman
Don’t blame me


SNSD’S vs. Kesha’s Run Devil Run

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Spartan Man

Posted in Poem on May 28, 2010 by rantingkame

Didn’t have a choice
Couldn’t be weak
Letting tears fall
Was a call of death
My father always at war
My future
My mother crying as they take me away
I cannot return her love
This is how I became strong
Killing animals
My weak friends
Whoever they told me to
This is how I learned to fight
My wife
I lay with her
But hardly ever see her
Do I love her
Doesn’t matter
I have a child
A son
He is weak
His death will come soon
I have another
He survived the test
He fate has been chosen
In battle only three words go through my mind
In pain I do not cry
If I have tears they are the blood from my wounds
I continue to fight
Even if I am wounded
I am alive
This is my fate
Until I am needed no more
Or until Hades bides me welcome
I regret nothing
I am a Spartan man.


Posted in Poem on May 28, 2010 by rantingkame

Is there a meaning to it?
Is it just there?
Wish there was a rule book
I would know what to do
And have no regrets when I leave this world
So what are we suppose to do
Fate will not fall like rain drops
Destiny is not something to hold
But what are we suppose to do?
That age old qustion
It can’t leave our minds
What is the meaning of life?
To gain power
To learn honor
To love
To be loved
To get angry
To cry
To save
To destory
To cherish
To protect
And in life we will feel all of these things
We are human
It is our nature
To feel
To live
To love
This is life
Let us live it
In anyway we want


Posted in Poem, The Vampire Diaries on May 27, 2010 by rantingkame

Hidden in a rock
There my pain lies
I can forget about it
But she can’t
My solar eclipse
My angel
How I wish to crown her my princess of darkness
And I will be her king
Her consort
Whatever she pleases
So long as she stays by my side
And guards me with her compassionate wings
Till then I can hide behind the stone wall that protects me
Till I can have my Queen of Shadows


Posted in Poem, The Vampire Diaries on May 27, 2010 by rantingkame

Ice Princess
Queen of the school
Boys are just trophies
I bronze them and put them up for show
Only to throw them away when the next one comes around
But he came around
A villianious gentle soul
A dove with a wolf’s thoughts
He wants to love me
I love him
I reach out to him
And he takes my hand
But there is another
Darker than the night
Crueler than death
He plays with me
He tells me I’m fire
I want to run away
To love
To safety
But I want my fire to be seen
I want to be understood
The fallen saint
Or the tempting devil
Two brothers
My love
I must look for strength within myself
And I find it there


Posted in Poem, The Secret Circle on May 27, 2010 by rantingkame

Daughter of the sun
Daughter of the moon
Offspring of evil and love
Before I knew them Iwas taken from my kin
Only to return scared and meek
They tortured me
Bullied me
Protected me
Welcomed me
My older sister is the light
My puppet master is darkness
But which am I?
Darkness or Light?
Good or Evil?
What would I do for my love
My forbidden love
My love
My sister’s lover
I am evil.
I will protect this coven
I love my kin
With my powers I will save
I am good.
Power of the sun I have over thee
Power of the moon I have over thee

I am Cassandra Blake.

(Kame is going to be writing poems for her favorite L. J. Smith characters. She’s also writing fanfiction on her other blog.)