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Some Of The Biggest Threats Teens/People Face Today

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Eating Disorders


Teen Pregnancy




And then there’s pressure. The pressure of being thin, pretty, in style, athletic, able to dance, partying, and of course sex. I couldn’t find a good video for this subject but here’s the truth. Most pressure we feel comes from within. And on top of that we still have to deal with the our people around us. Most people pressure us into these things because they want to know that someone else is doing them. It follows us out of school and into the workplace, streets, relationships, and overall life. But you can go against it and overcome it. And I’m sorry if it comes from family or your best friends. Some times they know that they are doing it, some times not. And we can’t read their minds so we just have to make up our own I guess.

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Earth/element 1

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You walk on me
You do not care to think or see
But without me
You would fall
I give you life
The crops that you harvest
The plants that give you air
The materials for your home
And in return I ask for nothing
For ages I have only given
But now I have to ask
Because I might be dying before you
The trees are endangered
I feel their pain
The numbers of animals are decreasing
The toxic way you live is killing me
And it’s killing you
Isn’t it ironic
That when you die
You will bury yourselves with me
But I will have no where to be buried
Help me
I know you hear my cries of suffering
So what will you do?


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I see the soul in colors
The calm royal blue souls
The wise hunter green souls
My soul does not carry these colors
The passionate reds
And the vilolent oranges
Not a match
Carefree yellows
Kind pinks
They do not mirrror my soul
I can’t see it?
Where are my colors?
Are they hiding from me?
Then I see a color
A sickly gray
What does this mean?
Then I realize what it is
The color gray
My own soul
Is a hloe that I cannot fix on my own
It drained all my colors away
But what can heal it?
I’m beginning to doubt if anything can.
And it hurts even more
Because who wants a gray portrait among the vibrant colors?

Girl’s Generation- Chocolate Love

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Anna Perenna

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Goddess of the coming year and all the years before
I feel you from your birth
To your grave
I leave you messages in the snow
Because I felt your dispair
I want you to have hope
I have not left you
I am responsibility
You see me all the time
I am the birds that fly free
And the horse you ride
I am the snow
I am the beginning of your new year
I am within you
I am without you
I am Anna Perenna

How Twilight Should Have Ended!!!!!

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Twilight In 3 seconds

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