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Mana laid on the ground, still, lifeless, her body was racked with pain. She didn’t want to open her eyes. She was scared out of her mind. What if the demons were still there? Mana didn’t think that she could stand to see another moment of that bloodbath. Those demons, those things had killed her mother and father right before her own eyes. Their blood had splurted on her face as that monster had ripped her parents lib from lib. The demon had laughed as he killed them. How did I live threw it, Mana thought? I should be dead along with my sisters and cousins, but we lived. “Nnnnnnaaaaaaaa.” Who was that? Who were they calling?

“Maaannnnnnaaaa!” That was Jen-Jen. Her sister was calling her. She didn’t want to open her eyes again. She wanted to keep them closed and live in blissful denil forever. “Maaaannnnnaaa.” This voice was different. This one was stronger and full of power. What was she thinking? Her sisters were out there in the same pain, but they were looking for her. “Maaannnnaaaaaa.” This voice reminded Mana of a chime. Cassandra.

Mana slowly let her eyes open. It was dark outside, and yet there were hardly any stars in the sky. She now realized that she was on the shore of a lake. The small waves were crashing against her head. “Maaannnnnnana!” They were all calling her name now.As Mana tried to get up she felt a tremendous pain in her leg.

“Mana!” Mana lifted her head to see Sango, Jen-Jen, Cassandra staring at her from the other side of the shore. Jen-Jen was sobbing as she ran towards Mana. Sango followed behind along with Cassandra whose crimson red hair tossed and turned behind her head. When Sango reached Mana she hauled her up by her arms and began carrying her bridal style.

“Sa-chan where are we”, Mana asked. “What’s going on? Where’s Yumemi? And you can stop carrying me I’m fine.”

“No Mana, you’re not. You’re shaking and I think your leg is broken.” Don’t cry Mana thought to herself. Don’t you dare think about crying right now. Yumemi is out there alone right now. “Mana, we’re going to look for Yumemi now so I’m carrying you, you can deal with it for a little while.” Mana nodded. Sango looked over at Cassandra and Jen-Jen. They were looking around the shore with a sad yet still determind glace.

It was Cassandra who finally gave a shake of her head indecating that Yumemi was not here. Then she turned her head in the opposite direction and shouted,”Yuuummmmeeemmiiiiii!” Jen-Jen followed her chanting the same name with the same hope of finding their younger sister.

They were now deep inside of a forest which had only been a sort distance from the lake. Sango was no longer carrying Mana bridal style, but on her back as Mana had later suggested. Mana took this time to think about what had happened. Demons. An army of Demons had raided the relm of angels. They were destroying everything until Mother and Father along with the other parents had come and fought them off for awhile. Then…. then Mother’s power began to hurt her. Everytime she tried to use it she screamed in pain. Then the same thing started to happen to Father too. Where was I? I was being hidden while my parents were in pain. Sango, Jen-Jen, Cassandra, Yumemi had been with her then, but at the time they all felt far away from her. All of her cousins and sisters had watched the awful scenes before them. They all watched as their parents were killed. Mana began to shiver as mental pictures flowed back into her head.

“Mana are you okay”, Sango asked.

“I’m fine Sa-chan. Thank you.”

Sango began to walk faster and Mana drifted back into the memory. Their parents had been killed and then some kind of light began to glow beneath their bodies. The last thing Mana remembered was blacking out and waking up here. Wherever here was, she still hadn’t found out. She doubted that her sisters knew more about this strange place then she did.





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This is just a sample for a series that I plan on writing. Most of it may not make any sense at first, but I will do my best to try to explain and answer any questions you may have. Also I wnt you to know that this is basiclly a time filler until The Vampire Diaries starts to air new episodes again, After that I may not update as much but please keep watching. Thank you – RantingKame.

Tis is going to be in third person because I hate writing in first.

Here are the characters:

Main Cast

Jen-Jen,aka Je-chan: age-16, she has the power of Earth of the future (I will Explain more in the plot.)
Mana,aka Ma-chan: age-16, she has the power of air/lighting of the future
Cassandra, aka Ca-chan:age-16, she has the power of water of the future.
Sango, aka Sa-chan:age-16, she has the power of fire of the future.
Yumemi, aka Yuyu-chan: age-10, she has the sixth sense.
Nara (dead), okay so he’s not in the main cast, but he is one of the siblings.

Supporting Cast

Aubrey, aka the Father: age-(..)
Lillivern, aka the Mother:age-( It’s a secret)

The rest will just come and go as they please. This is a rough draft for the second book in the series so please be nice.

Plot: This is the plot for the series…
*Angels live in a world protected by Rain and Skai, the time guardians for the new Earth the God has just created. There Rain and Skai fell in love and began to build their family. Around the time of the third genoration, a prophecy has been given to their family:

Two whio picked the apples from the forbidden tree,
Have brought an unwanted seed and let it grow,
This newfound , imperfect planet,
does nothing to make it slow.

Hell is close to this Earth,
So the chosens must give its protectors birth.
Twelve to fight alongside God,
To save this place from thy Satan’s rot.

Be wary of this message,
For consequence will appear,
to those who shall bring these saviors into life.

For they shall disappear into an unknow darkness that evil creates for them.

There is a second part cannot be read by anyone in the family. So they question what to make of it. Some fear that they are the ones who will die. Others just wait and see what will happen. In time Mai, Suelee, Remdai,Lillivern, Chiyuki, and Shiori are born. One day the go into a secret room in Lillivern’s house and find a scroll that turns out to be the prophecy that wasgiven to the third genoration. THEY ARE ABLE TO READ IT. They go to their mothers and ask them what the scroll means, all of the mothers act differently to this. One tells her daughter that she may never get married. Another comands that her daughter be married as soon as possible. One of them trys to run away with her daughters only to be caught and brought back by the family saying “Running away will not solve anything. It will only make the matter worse for you and for the girls.” The last one tells her daughters to decide their own fate in life.

In the end they all find somene that they love and get married. Eventually they have children of their own……………

Plot for book 1

Each of the daughters have gotten married and now have families of their own. But they don’t have twelve children altogether, they have 26!!! The family is confused but the daughters and their husbands are overjoyed. Then a mark starts to appear on some of the arms. It is a dragon mark!!! Some are gold, crimson, hunter green, and aquamarine. The total of the children who have these marks is 12!!! However they grow up normally and their parents are still alive.

One day an army of demons rades the Angels home and all of the birth parents as well as some of the other angels are killed, and the 26 children are transported to Earth. However the families have been seperated.

Which is why this is a series:
Book 1: Angels of the Past
Book 2: Angels of the Present
Book 3: Angels of the Future
Book 4: Revolation

That’s all for now guys. Oh and here is a reminder of what you need to remember as I am writing this:
1. This is the third book in the series.
2. This is a rough draft.
3. This is just a filler thing until March 25th when The Vampire Diaries is going to be airing new episodes again.
4. I am not going to do the whole book, just the first 5-10 chapters.
5. I am going to have to go back and edit a lot of this.

Just keep this in mind, and wish me luck,