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Destroying The Closet

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If any of my friends/ family happen to read this before I get a chance to tell you I am very sorry, but I’ve been dying to blog about it. I’ve known that I had an interest in girls since eighth grade when I fell hard for one of my classmates who happened to be Bi. So I thought, “Maybe I’m Bi? Or maybe this will pass.” W-R-O-N-G!!! It went in the opposite direction. I seemed to have no motivation to have any relationship with a guy outside of friendship. And then I would see a beautiful girl at the mall and wonder “What’s she like. Oh, crap she’s looking at me? Is she into me? Does she think I’m a freak? Etc…” I desired a romantic relationship with a girl. I just couldn’t see myself married to a man. The thought of kissing a guy was just akward; while a girl’s kiss might’ve sent me to cloud nine (depending on the girl). Then A LOT of memories came flooding back at me. I remembered thinking about marrying , lets just call her childhood friend A, and it wasn’t just one time, but I put it all aside once I found out how the Bible “felt” about it. I was TOO spiritual. And all I could think about was running away from those feelings. My folks were going through a divorce, I had NO family near me, and I went to a private Christian school. I was scared. So I did the exact opposite of what you should do, I drown myself in the world of guys.

Dark times.

Dark times.

I even went out with one of my (ex) guy friends for a month. Nothing offical at all. And then this summer I finally realised that I was full on LESBIAN!!! Again, I was scared. But by that time we (my mom and I had moved). However it was ten minutes away from my puritan grandma. So I kept it hidden as the new school year started. Then my saving grace came. While doing a poetry unit in Creative Writing class, one girl in my class wrote a poem, coming out of the closet. And nobody in the class mocked her, shunned her, or isolated her at all. And I admired her for being brave enough to come out to her peers, and I was ashamed that I wouldn’t even keep up a relationship, a wonderful friendship, with friend A, just because I was afraid of who I was and the feelings she brought out in me. The next day I came out to the class as well. By the end of the week my closest friends knew and accepted that I was gay. Weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and the air seemed to lose its thickness. I was out of that damn closet which I had hidden myself in for so long. Its my life and this is who I am, can’t change it.

I am a lesbian.

P.S. The reason I haven’t been doing The Vampire Diaries reviews lately is because: (1) I’ve been swamped with work. (2) I want to enjoy the episodes for awhile. That’s it. I’ll continue next year. Plus CW might be making The Secret Circle into a TV pilot. Crossing fingers.


The Vampire Diaries 2 Episode 3

Posted in The Vampire Diaries on September 24, 2010 by rantingkame

Yay Alaric’s back :). S Rick tells Damon, Stefan, and Elena about Isobels research and the lycan curse. And Caroline still can’t stand sunlight.So Stefan stays back with Caroline to make sure that she stays safe. And apparently Alaric, Damon, and Elena are going on a road trip. PLZZZ Damon X Elena plzzzzzzzz. So Stefan asks Bonnie to make Caroline a ring to defend her against the sun. Damon keeps trying to get Elena to talk to him. Then they go to the college where Isobel used to work. There they meet Vanessa one of Isobel’s grad students. She shows them to Isobel’s study, there she leaves and returns with a stake gun. She tries to shot Elena but Damon blocks the shot.He attacks her and makes her take the arrow out. Also while all this is happening Caroline is having boyfriend drama…..I really don’t feel like wasting time on that. So Tyler’s uncle starts turning into a werewolf. Then there’s this battle between tyler’s uncle and Stefan. We also learn that Katherine was originally from Europe. And Damon and Elena shares a moment. And Damon’s acctually sweet :). Matt brakes up with Caroline and Alaric and Jenna hook up. Woo Hoo Hoo. Then Elena admits to tricking Damon. He gets mad and walks off. NOOOOOOOO. Dumb Elena, bad bad very very bad :P. Then we see Katherine show up in Caroline’s room. Dun dun dun

Til next time,

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 episode 2

Posted in The Vampire Diaries on September 17, 2010 by rantingkame

So we start out with Caroline waking up and is in a confused state. So she apparently starts smelling the blood from one of those bags, its like she was drawn to it. Dun dun dun. So she took a bag and takes it bake to her room where she begins to drink it; making the change complete. Then we go to Elena and Bonnie, and they’re preparing for the Mystic Falls carnival. Then we are forced to go to Stefan who is giving Jeremy vervain in a bottle. Jeremy is still mad at Damon. Awww. So Elena has decided to be or try to be a normal high school girl. Boooorrrriiinnnngggg :P. So Tyler explains to his kin or something about his anger problems. This is called forshadowing. Now Caroline can’t stand the sunlight and Matt is getting worried. Now we get back to sex god Damon. He tells Stefan about his theories on the Lockwoods. Now back to Caroline….yeah ummm…she basically bit into a nurse and ….yeah. So Bonnie gets some action at the carnival, which leaves Elena alone (enter Damon plz 🙂 ). So Tyler finds his kin sneaking around in Mr. Lockwoods study. Forshadowing. Damon finds Jeremy at the carnival and tells him that Jeremy can tell people he’s a vampire. Then Stefan finds Damon and they see the Lockwood kin arm wrestle. Then Damon tells Stefan to give it a try and Stefan loses. Damon compels a guy to fight Tyler. Then he (Damon) goes strolling through the halls and sees Caroline. Now she remember everthing he erased from season 1. Now Damon finds Elena and tells her to come with him. The guy that was compelled to fight starts throwing punchs at both of the Lockwood guys. The guy comes out of it with his life thank God. Now Damon tells them about Caroline and Katherine’s little “game on” crap. Damon wants to kill Caroline before she does any damage. Elena and Stefan don’t want to, of course. Then Caroline goes into the parking lot crying and ends up biting the same freaking guy!!! Then we head back to Matt and he doesn’t get why Caroline’s been having these epic mood swings. So we learn that Stefan agrees with Damon about killing Caroline. Then Stefan smells the blood from Caroline, who is dealing with the fact that she just killed a guy. Damon’s there and he tells Caroline that he’s going to kill her. Caroline begs him not to kill her, but Damon tries to kill her but Elena gets in the way, he tells her that whatever happens it’s on Elena. Bonnie sees Caroline and walks off, so Stefan comforts Caroline in the bathroom while they’re wipping off the blood on her face. Now Bonnie is mad at Damon and she uses her witch powers to harm Damon . She messes with his head and sets him on fire. Elena stops her just as Damon is about to get really hurt. Don’t kill the sex god Damon. But Damon’s fine he goes home and finds Jeremy there, Jeremy tells Damon that he was going to kill Damon but decided not to. Then we go to Caroline and Matt. Now Matt starts confessing his love to Caroline. She gains the will not to bite him, woo hoo (monotone). Then Stefan comes into Elena’s rome only to take her to the carnival . He takes her to the top of the ferris wheel. Top that Edward Cullen! They kiss and the episode ends.

The Vampire Diaries 2 episode 1

Posted in The Vampire Diaries on September 10, 2010 by rantingkame

It’s here! It’s here! So it starts out with the last few minutes of the season finale. And Katherine murders John, nice girl, bring her home to your folks. So Elena walks in on a dying John in the kitchen with Katherine close behind. And we also find out that Jeremy did not die! Yeahz another hottie lives. So apparently John is alive, so Elena goes to the hospital to see him and meets Matt. We find out that Mayor Lockwood is dead and Caroline is in the hospital in pretty bad shape. So Damon offers to give Caroline enough blood to heal her. And Damon begins to talk about the kiss with “Elena” and he figures out that Katherine is back. Back guess what? That skank attacks Stefan and gets away right as Elena and Damon come running into the house. God I hate her (hiss, hiss BOOOOOOOOOO, she suckz)! So Damon provokes Stefan and in the mist of it they figure that if they ignore her she’ll come out and then they can kill her. Meanwhile Caroline is all better. Whoop de freaking doo. Then we head back to Johnn who asks like an @#$$##$$##$####@@%^$$ and clearly tells Stefan he hates him, when Elena leaves Stefan makes John drink his blood and tells him he will change him if he doesn’t leave town. Then it goes to a commercial but not before we see Katherine being welcomed in to another house. So Bonnie and Damon are at the party (I’m guessing) Bonnie does some witchy stuff to show Damon she’s not afraid of him. And she figures out who Katherine is. Katherine of course over hears and gets attitude “I don’t think we’ve offically met I’m Katherine”, NO ONE WANTS TO MEET YOU, YOU PSYCHO! So Bonnie tries to do the same trick on Kathy but it doesn’t work, DANG IT! Stefan starts talking to Katherine and she OF COURSE provokes him. She tries to get him to dance with her but he walks right by. Go U! The real Elena walks into Damon and they start talking about the kiss and Ms. Skanky Skank. He tells her not to worry, he’s not going to go off the deep end, etc. And so Stefan and Katherine are still chatting, and he tells her off and threatens her. She tells him she wants him back and he tells her he HATEs her, don’t we all. Then the B witch stakes him in the gut. And Elena finds him, cleans the wound, boring! Damon warns Elena that Katherine may be after Stefan, which Elena doesn’t fully believe. Stefan tells Damon that Katherine might try to play them against each other. She will DRAMA= RATINGS. Jeremy walks in on John packing about to leave. YAY JOHN IS LEAVING!!! And the crowd cheers “YES”! Finally we get back to sex god Damon…and Katherine who tells him that she’s leaving. She provokes him too. S-K-A-N-K. They start kissing (I throw up). He asks her if she ever loved him. Of course she replies NO. But guess what she loves Stefan. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE HER. SOME ONE GET ME A STAKE OR GUN I’LL END THIS!!! And the next scene starts with Damon on Elena’s bed. Heh heh mental picture :3 ( just kidding). He tells her he knows something is going on between them and HE KISSES HER. Then Damon attacks Jeremy and snapz his neck, then leaves. But guess what? Jeremy was wearing that ring that protects for supernatural attacks. Is he going to be like Kevin (?) “dying” in every episode. Then the episode ends with Elena saying she hates Damon. (She better not IWANT this pairing to work). And then… Katherine walks into Caroline’s hospital room and changes her saying “game on”. Game not on skankityslutslut I WILL kill you later.

People you know I’m crazy like that ;3 ;P 😉


Vampire Diaries season 2 !

Posted in The Vampire Diaries on September 9, 2010 by rantingkame

Guess what5 peoples Kame is back and random as ever! (Okay she’s having herself some candy corn and listening to Tokio Hotel so she’s off her rocker completely. Don’t judge :P). So the second season of the Vampire Diaries comes out tonight and Kame will be watching Damo- ….. IT with the eyes of a fan girl. Please read the blog and continue to support me and the show.

Be seeing you soon,
Kame 😉


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Hidden in a rock
There my pain lies
I can forget about it
But she can’t
My solar eclipse
My angel
How I wish to crown her my princess of darkness
And I will be her king
Her consort
Whatever she pleases
So long as she stays by my side
And guards me with her compassionate wings
Till then I can hide behind the stone wall that protects me
Till I can have my Queen of Shadows


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Ice Princess
Queen of the school
Boys are just trophies
I bronze them and put them up for show
Only to throw them away when the next one comes around
But he came around
A villianious gentle soul
A dove with a wolf’s thoughts
He wants to love me
I love him
I reach out to him
And he takes my hand
But there is another
Darker than the night
Crueler than death
He plays with me
He tells me I’m fire
I want to run away
To love
To safety
But I want my fire to be seen
I want to be understood
The fallen saint
Or the tempting devil
Two brothers
My love
I must look for strength within myself
And I find it there